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In Loving Memory of Albert H. Scheible

Albert H. Scheible

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Welcome to Scheible.com!

About Us:

    Names: Rob and Carol Scheible
    Location: Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.
    Hobbies: Carol: Triathlon & Running. Rob: World of Warcraft and Inline Skating
    Children: Yes, we still are!  Oh, and we have three of them.

Why are We Here?

This website is primarily for immediate family members to share email, photos and information, so some areas are password protected.  Sorry about that!

We are happy to hear from Scheible's all over the world, so if you've dropped by, please sign our guestbook!

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For our 20th anniversary
we took a vacation to
Cancun, Mexico.

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(This means to hold your Control key and press the P key at the same time.)

Link to Robís web server.


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