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In Loving Memory of Albert H. Scheible

Albert H. Scheible

Scheible Links 

Here are some other Scheible Sites:

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www.scheible.de - Professional photography of Wolfram Scheible.

http://scheibles.homestead.com/Scheibles.html - Scheible's Fishing Center, Motel, and Seafood Restaurant in Maryland.  Never been there, but it looks kinda cool.

www.chris-scheible.com - website and resume of Chris Scheible, who attends U. of Maryland. Hey, I wonder if Chris has ever been to Scheible's Fishing Center?

www.rscheible.de.vu - Creative Office - graphic design & printing company located in Mühlacker (I'm betting that's in Germany)

www.scheible.org - a Scheible family website.
I wonder what Bad UberKingdon means?

www.scheible.net is for sale....I got 3 emails saying it would only cost me $540 - BWAAAHHHHAAAAHHHAA!

karl scheibleKarl Scheible is a race car driver in New York. Here are some links to articles about Karl:





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Scheible's Fishing Center


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