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In Loving Memory of Albert H. Scheible

Albert H. Scheible

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Some cool places to go:

The Best Search Engine is Google!


Check time anywhere in the world with the World Clock


Keep track of your favorite websites is Backflip


Find the best price with the biggest dweeb: MySimon


Best prices for computer stuff is here: PriceWatch


Read opinions about stuff at E-pinions
and at C-net.


Get cool crap at Think Geek


Avoid clicking on banners that look like this:

spyware ad


Avoid These Spyware products that will hose your computer:

NOTE: Many Freeware and Shareware programs have Gator or Bonsi Buddy bundled in with them.  If you are installing shareware, and it asks you if it's okay to install some other thing, JUST SAY NO!!!!

Spyware links:

PC Hell Help on Spyware

Educate yourself


Lavasoft Ad-aware spyware removal

Pop up stopper
(scroll down their
page to get to the FREE one)


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